Who are we? 

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PUPICI is a French brand that has developed its range of luxurious and classy watches, allowing everyone to wear pretty French watches.

At PUPICI, we want to share the brand's values ​​with you. This is why we set up partnerships with influencers and ambassadors in order to flourish alongside an international brand.

Being part of the #PUPICI team means benefiting from a first experience with a French brand known for its visibility on social networks.

What do you gain from becoming a PUPICI Ambassador?

➡️ A first experience in the field with a French brand 🇫🇷
➡️ Exclusive gift vouchers on our store! 🛍
➡️A fixed commission of 30 € with each sale made using your promo code 💵
➡️Get the chance to be reposted on our Instagram (+ 50K) and on our site (+ 200K visitors per month)

Do you want to become a PUPICI Ambassador?

1. Fill out the form  

In order to apply to become an Ambassador, please complete the form below. This will give us a first idea of ​​your profile in order to see if it corresponds to our values.

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2. We analyze your profile

We decide internally if your profile matches our criteria and we keep you informed of the progress of the selection process

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3. Congratulations, you are part of the #PUPICI team! 

If you are selected, you will receive a confirmation email and an explanatory email summarizing our partnership. Welcome to you! ❤️

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